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Before I started, I would like that everyone knows that all this talk about on this blog, I knew. I've made some mistakes, had my heart broken and had healing painful pleasure of the Bull. I am not scars. I am wiser to lessons learned. Share painful lessons we hope you help to prevent and correct the same situations allows me to this blog. Thus, listen and get real!

Excuse (s) by definition according to' to serve as an excuse or justification ' or "to launch of an obligation or right".

Recently, my family and I had "Red Lobster" for dinner. We had a wonderful time, hear my "MOM" to tell stories about the clinic who works. As well as the food has been entered, a couple went to sit at the table in front of us. Naturally, this table also was sitting in front of the TV. As the man seeking channel is enabled on CNN of ESPN, brokenhearted semblée simply woman in his eyes. The waitress, trying to appease clients watched the wife as if asking if the change of channel would be appropriate. But of course dinner lady trying to avoid shame, glued on a fake smile and said: "it's our anniversary, that at least I can do." The waitress shook his head with understanding and walking quickly to get the remote control.

Ladies, you can be honest? It is without doubt one of the most disturbing situations that I found, I wanted to kiss the woman (and throw my shoes in humans)! But, however, you notice how she could justify their behavior? She even took the blame for this. Saying that, allowing you to watch TV on their birthday is the least that could be... what a pity!

Gentlemen, why it? Why should we we deal with men such as they are our children, they know no better? They do! They are just as grown and mature as you are!(I'm sure you know it's true, when the lights out... but I digress) As the man in the story, they deliberately what they want! But why? Who has taught them that a woman will accept all that they dish? The answer... sad but true that we have done! Be honest, the woman in this story could have appealed to his negligence, but why hasn't it? We never really know, but I feel funny she held his mouth fear arrest. No fear of abuse, but embarrassment and solitude! What the waitress and dinner would think if it had caused a scene? How would your family if they split after 10 years? Thus, instead of "rock the boat" takes rather grief, as you would any girl afraid....

Ladies, stop the madness! Ask yourself, is your lover or his son! Choose your position and make his Baton to it! Now, I am not saying that you go there and start attacking men with extreme feminist babul, I am simply articulated with you, woman to woman Acceptor/formulation of excuses for men stop! Understand that every action, and should be a response! I know women is our first response to pain to feed, but if you always take care of a person, who take care of you? Don't forget: "' what is good for the goose is good for the goose." "so next time he complained about "quality time" or appearance, you are certain to go on this new diet, lying on the floor rolling near you!

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